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All the content presented here are the collection from Kryon's Chennelling by Lee Carroll for Kryon


Consciousness of Love

"LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe."

"It is the glue that will bond our belief together, instead of the doctrine that does it for the other systems. Love is not recognized for its power,and not being used by us correctly."

"The center of the Universe has a consciousness of love that is the Creative Source and it lives within you every day. Can you smile with that? "

Meet Kryon

Greetings ! I am Kryon, of magnetic service.Each one of you is loved dearly ! if you have been brought to a point where you are reading this communication,you are in right place at the right time."
I am Kryon of "magnetic service". I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. This took eons of Earth time. It was balanced and re-balanced to match the physical vibrations of your evolving planet.
"Magnetic fields are very significant to your biology ! In addition, magnetic fields can (and do) affect your spiritual consciousness. The magnetic field of your planet is necessary for your biological health,and is fine tuned to fit within your spiritual scheme."
"We are all linked together. We are the great "I AM" as your scriptures call God. When I send the message "I am Kryon,"there is communication that I belong to the whole, and my signature is Kryon."
"We are God. You are apiece of God,and you have the power to become as high on your side of the veil as you were before you came...and you are loved without measure.You are each high entities of your own who have agreed to be exactly you are before you ever got where you are.
We are all collective in spirit,even while you are on earth,veiled from truth. Although we are collective,LOVE is singular and is of one origin, or focus.
This may seem confusing, but consider it a fact that is primary importance, so that you understand that it is special for your current time."

(from Channelled Writings of Kryon - Book 1 : ‘The End Times' by Lee Carroll)