"It is all about the Empowering Body and Mind"

"The core power is dormant within Spirit"

"The spirit carries the spark of soul and is ready to be ignited"


Believe it or Not !
Future Medicine is  “Quantum Physics” & “Quantum Healing”

The highlight of this Blog is to bring self-awareness and self-healing approach to health care by adopting Quantum Healing process and its healing tools which are at no cost or it is affordable.

The science and technology have advanced at leaps and bound and at the same time the human awareness and understanding of esoteric behavior also seems to be evolving with deeper understanding. Now science validate that the individual and collective consciousness of human is affecting the environment and impact the earth as whole.
It is all about how scientific research in physics, biology and medicine science have narrowed down to quantum level and is referred as Nano technology in physics. The information contained here about Nano technology demonstrates how at quantum level the divine force is multidimensional. We have understood esoterically the same divine force and energy can be activated by human in their thought, which can directly impact the consciousness and can change the physics, which is the art of Quantum healing.
Science with nano-technology seems to be doing miracles in its research and there will be a time, where most of the diseases will be eradicated before even they can occur. It will take its own course and time to come to a stage when a common citizen would afford to go and get its benefit.
However, the quantum healing is a science and physics at nano level, which seems to be in control within human consciousness and thought.

The Approach to Health Care

Medicine science - Biology and Physics

After the completion of Human Genome project in 2003, a lot of detail studies are continuing to reveal more biological and medical research attracted by the new possibilities of the field.
Physics has always been pioneer in medical research and the inventions of the optical and electron microscope to x-rays and MRI. Contemporary medicine applies bio-medical sciences, Genetics, and medical technology to diagnose, treat and prevent disease or illness typically through pharmaceuticals or surgery and also through therapies such as psychotherapy.

Merkabah: The Human DNA field

The combine field of all DNA (about trillion cells) in body constitutes a field which seems to represent real human spirit and it has its own innate supreme brain,The shape of the field is referred as Merkabah which knows everything from the existence of existing. Here the miracle part is that Consciousness, thought and emotions of human being seems to be all the time affecting that field resulting in to balancing or unbalancing the field causing energy field at different level of vibration. That change in vibration causes changes in mind and body.

"Love creates highest vibration and the fear creates lowest vibration"

“DNA is the antenna of the body, listening of your epiphanies, and the breakthrough in the tight fabric of fear and frustration. It measures the height of your joy, the peaks of your passion, and sees the smile on your face and you finally understand that pathway to creator (God) has always been open and available to you. It is orchestrating cellular structure to enhance who you are, and to complement your life on earth. It uses each layer of its own magnificence in the perfect ways that will create the soup of healing, a confluence of love creation, and an honoring of the human being’s intent. Finally, Human Beings are beginning to understand the Mastery within.”

Personal experiences explained by Deepak Chopra, who is professionally a medical doctor specialists in Endocrinology, and also has been described as "America's most prominent spokesman for Ayurveda and a spiritual guru with number of books to his credit, mixes ideas associated with quantum mechanics with Ayurvedic medicine in what he calls "quantum healing".

He has authored a book on “Quantum healing” where he has stated following:

Everything that happens in the mind and brain is physically represented elsewhere in the body, with mental states (thoughts, feelings, perceptions and memories) directly influencing physiology by means of neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin.

The human body, mind and consciousness – which with its spirit, the social interactions and the personal relationships, deal with the environment and the biology, are all inextricably woven into a single process and by influencing one you influence everything.

The term quantum healing is to invoke the idea of a process whereby a person's health "imbalance" is corrected by quantum mechanical means and the quantum phenomena are responsible for health and well being.

He further states that the AIDS virus is emitting "a sound that lures the DNA to its destruction" and the condition can be treated with "Ayurveda's primordial sound".

All is Quantum: Some facts

1.We on earth, are all the time walking and living on a gigantic magnet.
2.All biology works and survive only because of magnetic field of earth with specific magnitude.
3.The magnetic field and electric field are complement to each other and one affects the other.
4.We are electromagnetic and multidimensional being.
5.Two different electromagnetic field, when entangles can create different effect.
6.Human Consciousness has magnetic field and can be entangled with other field.
7.Body organs are magnetically polar or bipolar and external field affects them.
8.Water: Magnetic field, Sound and light and human emotions can affects properties of water.
9.Human body is Bio - chemical Factory - 70 % water

"You are your own creator at quantum"

Altered state of consciousness refers to following brain wave patterns

Beta – Normal waking state – 15 – 30 Hz
Alpha – Just slow down, Relax, sleep state - 8 – 14 Hz
Theta – deep relaxation, deep sleep, deep trance – 4-7 Hz
Delta – Deep sleep state – 1-3 Hz
Best frequency for healing is around 8 Hz

You are your own creator at quantum level – where energy and matter come in to being out of something that is neither matter nor energy.
1.Healing is balance - Creative response to Body, Mind, innate and Soul
2.Dis-Ease is imbalance - Re-active response of Body and Mind ( Holistic)
Cycle of Creation :
1.Think – Create – Become – Express – Experience – You are – Think
2.Thought is power of creator within us.
3.It is said that average human has about 50 thoughts in a minute. You are always in the process of creating in every Moment,every minute and every day.
4.Thought with pure intent affect and penetrate the field of consciousness. Events,occurrences,happenings,conditions,circumstances - all are created out of consciousness.
5.The new thought becomes your experience. You start “being “that. And once you start “being” a thing, you've engaged the gears of the most powerful creation machine in the universe - your divine self. Whatever you are being, you are creating.

Temple of Rejuvenation

Esoteric messages revealed that there was a Temple of Rejuvenation created by human during Lemuria existence, with highly evolved physics, where human were re-calibrated with a template DNA to eradicate the imbalances within the body to regenerate to live long life.

Kryon Channelling:"The Hidden Youth Template" at San Rafael, California
December 12, 13, 2015


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Author - Lee Carroll