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"Indeed there is a generic truth, a core truth, and it is this – that at the center of every atom in this Universe of yours, you will find the love of God in a personal way. That’s the core energy. That’s the truth. But you might say, "Well, how sweet!" And I will say, oh no, I’m not talking about sweet. I’m talking about physics. There is an energy at the core of every atom that makes things work, and when you remove the energy of God, it all collapses. You might say it’s the space between the electron haze and the nucleus of the atom that keeps things moving and separated. It represents more than you’ll ever measure, more than you’ll know. It’s basic physics and it’s the love of God. That’s the core truth, and scientists are on the verge of realizing it. They will call it something else, but there will be the realization of an intelligent force keeping things running."

"Discovering Your Spirituality"
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
McCaysville,Georgia - July 7, 2007

Discover and experience the core and its quantum nature.

The core is the realm of Pure Potential, connects to our true self and true nature.
The core is hidden deep inside and covered by the layer over layers of ignorance.
Core is the Soul, source, creator or God and it is pure and never contaminates.
The Mind which loves and gets tempted by the illusion of material world, feeling greedy and desirous, makes everyone to run after temporary and illusionary gain of acquiring material world.

To realize true self is to peel the outer layers of ignorance, could be related to:
• Lack of knowledge and awareness
• Belief system
• Neuro-linguistic programs or preconceived notions
• Unfinished relations as Karmas
• Registered Fears or Trauma

Our goal is to provide Awareness, Knowledge and Empowerment with a spark of understanding the truth, which will ignite the core and glow will appear with brilliant light to shine and bliss.
With core empowerment we discover and experience:

• True nature, purpose and potential
• Process of rejuvenation and balancing
• Clear karma and process of neutral implant
• Harmony in relationships
• Intuitive wisdom and healing


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