Gaia पृथ्वी


The Connection between Gaia and the Human

Here is the premise:

"As goes consciousness, goes Gaia. As goes Gaia, goes DNA."

There is a partnership involved that is more than you think. The indigenous did not pray for rain. They did not pray for good crops and did not worship any deity. In their reality, they felt the planet and they knew that it was part of them. It was all there was. So they were always one with the planet, and the appearance of rain and crops were an alliance with Gaia, and they used ceremonies of alignment, not prayers of asking. If they didn't get what they wanted, they knew they were out of alignment. You are missing that attribute today, but the process of this alignment is still alive and it still works.

Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll for Kryon
Melbourne, Australia
March 18, 2012

"Who You Really Are"

"At the wind of birth I held your angelic hand and looked at you with my energetic sight - you were half angel, and half Human. You had one foot in 4D and the other in what we would call multiple-D. It’s so different than you would imagine. I reminded you that this is a step like no other you’ve ever taken. I reminded you that you were about to go back to the planet of free choice without any knowledge of your grandness or your purpose or of the relationship. Every single one of you in the room, and reading this, was born in a time when Earth prophecy was different than it is today. And I said to you, "Do you mean it? Why go again? Why now?" I knew the answer, but I just wanted to hear the warriors of light that you are, claim it once again. Can angels smile at each other? Oh yes! They do it with light-energy to one another, intermingled in a beautiful way with gorgeous colors. And you said to me, every single one of you: "I know what I’m doing. I have spent a long time helping the Earth to get to this place, and now I’m going to go again and make a difference." And now, here you sit because you did what you intended."

Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll for Kryon
Crystal Lake, IL - August 2005

"Karma relates to Gaia"

"Karma is indeed the engine of planetary fulfillment for Earth.   What this means is that as you walk through your karmic lessons, you become enlightened, and the planet changes.  For each lesson is learned, and with that process comes enlightenment.  As your consciousness is raised as a group on the planet, the Earth, the very dirt of the Earth must respond. The physical Earth will respond to your changes in consciousness!  This is how you raise the vibration of your planet.  So as you walk through your karma, you are actually changing Earth.  And the individual karma is the most important thing you have; it does the greatest job for all of humanity."

~ Kryon Book III - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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